Game Development Course

Game Development Training In Rajkot

Aexr Infotech is the best Unity Game Development Training Center in Rajkot. This course specially designed for Unity Game development Training according to current enterprise needs. Set your career in the right direction by learning the Unity Game Developer course form certified Game developers.

Game Development Training Course

Making Games is an easy way to learn about coding languages and platforms. This training course has a bunch of interesting topics to learn and explore the gaming world around us. This includes Unity Game Engine, Android SDKs & NDKs and knowledge of Current Game Engine and Games in Market. Here you will learn how to create a perfect game from beginning to end, for the android platform.

At the beginning of training, you will learn the Unity Game Engine environment and Android SDKs & NDKs, Where you can customize your development environment.

The next step demands your creativity. Here you learn dynamic images, sprite animations, particle explosions, game design, and bitmap fonts skillfully. You will learn to use LibGDX to increase the features of the game and make it stunning. It also includes game physics and collision system and turns your game on 2D to 3D. At last, you will be acknowledged Google play services, Google Mobile Ads and Firebase Plug-ins. By the end of the course, you will be able to create awesome games and upload them to google play store.


Live project Training

Aexrinfotech live project is indispensable for our Android project training program. This program takes place when trainees implementing their tasks during the training session. Once in a while what you learn in class don’t follow the actual atmosphere. This gap needs to be filled, so we focus more on live project training to achieve accurate output smartly and quickly. The live project training produces bulk output for the students to maintain the quality of standard coding and training of students in the timeline of the appropriate android projects.

Topic Covered

  • Unity game engine introduction
  • Unity UI
  • Unity scripting
  • Unity physics fundamentals
  • Unity animation & scripting
  • Unity sound and particle system
  • Extra tricks and doubt solving (including 1 game project)

Feature Scope

  • A game designer creates the structure of the game, animation, and art.
  • A game programmer building scripts, implement AI, API, connect modules and more.
  • A game tester test the game in all possible ways to remove all bugs and errors.