Web Development Course

Web Development Courses Training

Aexr Infotech is one of the multinational software companies in Rajkot, Gujarat, India with having the main branch in Rajkot. Aexr Infotech always looking for a well-known software development company in India. we introducing a new program named | PTP | professional training program, in which we requite fresher and corporate trainee and gives them best it knowledge and hire them as an employee of Aexr Infotech and for others reputed Software companies in India.

We are the most preferred final year it student from the Rajkot, Gujarat and corporate peoples who want to increase there IT knowledge or swap to other technologies.

we running different training programs during this training like personality developers,group-discussion, communication skills,pre-interview preparations, job placements, one to one discussion with team leader/ project manager, questions answer event, etc.

Web Development Tutorial

A website can be defined as a collection of Many several webpages that are all related to Our Course other and can be accessed by visiting a homepage. In this tutorial, we will explain in detail the concept of our full course of website development, from the simplest to the most advanced. It will help novice users to learn all about websites and how they are designed and maintained. At the same time, this tutorial has enough material to help even system administrators to broaden their knowledge about websites.


Web Development Tools

We Most Of Use Best Web Development Tool WordPress. WordPress is good company with over 23% of the world’s running websites running on WordPress.

Those numbers are also increasingly growing a WordPress is a very popular content publishing platform. Why? Because it’s very easy to use and compatible. It focuses on the formation of content and removes All complex parts. On the course, you can start creating and managing your website, earn money online like Google Adsense or know about your online present presence of your business.

Web Development Course 1

Web Development Training Covered Topics

  • The basic settings in WordPress that you need to configure
  • The differences between ‘posts’ and ‘pages’
  • How to add, edit and delete posts and pages
  • How to install, activate and use WordPress themes
  • WordPress ‘user’ roles explained
  • How to make your WordPress website search engine-friendly (basic search engine optimisation).
  • WordPress explained – why it has become so popular and how it’s so easy to use
  • How to create and manage content for your website – text, pictures, videos and more.
  • WordPress “plugins” and “widgets” explained
  • How to install plugins and widgets – how, when and why to use them
  • How to create a gallery